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I booked a flight scheduled at 19:35 and the confirmation came 1 month later, with flight schedule at 07:00. I called up and they responded should be cost-free to change the flight. They checked and emailed me that they can't do this for free and suggest me to contact the airline for compensation. They ran away from the responsibility totally by just giving me some craps and hold my changes. The service operator was not even... Read more

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Cheapticket customer service told me I can cancel a day old reservation ticket and get credit from airline. After I booked a new flight they changed story and told me I lost all my money with the cancelation. Fraudulent business practice should be stopped, company is in India we ( victims ) are robbed by cheapticket , we should file class suit ASAP Add comment

Don't ever book anything with them. They do not have the best price and they dont give a rats *** about thier customers at all. Rude and incompetent. I even asked or thier names and they have not given it to me. I will be telling everyone i know about thier horrible business and every review site i can find. I am still on hold. It has been 4 hrs. They made a mistake wit my flught shcedule but all they can say after 3 phone calls. 3... Read more

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Bought tickets from Cheaptickets and found out i paid 250$ for tickets wurth 65$, and on top of that my tickets was not even in my name, they was sold to someone named Phillip Connolly. What ever you do, DO NOT buy anything from this company. They don't even answer the questions you sent them to ask about it. So my advice to anyone, make sure you use ticketmaster, their the one cheapticket is biying their tickets from. You get the same price... Read more

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Worst customer service ever. Canveles my flight within the allowes time, mobey is not refunded to my account, have xalled customer service multipal rimes wirh the promise of a manager calling me back, still waiting. I would nevet use them again, id rather pay more and deal with people eho do not flat out lie to you Add comment

We were purchasing a ticket from Geneva to Lisbon. The search machine found a ticket at and we decided to give it a try. When we arrived at the payment page, we put the credit card number and click "purchase". Then the website collapsed and we had to restart the process again, which is just a long process. But, we did. To our surprise, later that evening, we got two confirmation emails. When it collapsed, the site had already... Read more

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Bought airline tickets for two, charged us twice, said it was the airlines fault, had to deal with the airline, airlines said that cheap tickets refunded the money, um. No money refunded, and they have the date wrong for travel. Having trouble getting anyone that speaks English. Add comment

I bought tickets to a concert as a gift to someone through and when I received and downloaded the e-tickets I realized they were only worth $44/ticket when I paid $75/ticket for them. What a waist of money! And I was thinking I was getting a good value when actually I could have gotten much better seats for the same price from the venue. Thanks for ruining a good thing Many lost customers because I will tell... Read more

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I thought I bought a ticket but did not get a confirmation email. I checked on my bank account and there were 3 pending charges that do not add up to total of anything. I called them asked about my ticket. they told me my reservation did not go through so technically I don't have a ticket. They could not explain why I was charged and they could not reverse them either. I called my bank and disputed the charges.It took me over 2 hours waiting on... Read more

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I totally understand charging a fee if you need to change or cancel a flight but $275.00 plus other fees as applicable is outrageous and for this reason i will never book with Cheap Tickets again! So be a 100% sure you can make your flight or you are out the cost of another ticket! Read more

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