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I really hate leaving negative experiences for companies but this is by far the WORST service that I have ever received from any company that I have ever dealt with. I booked a round-trip, international flight through (who has a customer service team "based" in Chicago so it seems) and due to an unfortunate change in plans, I had to reschedule and then ultimately cancel my return flight. I paid both the reschedule fee AND the cancellation fee imposed by both the company and the airline. Completely fine -- my plans were disrupted and I had to take the fall for that.

But here's where it gets worse. When I cancelled my flight, an agent informed me that he could process a refund to my card but that it would not be the full value of the return flight. I understand how things work so I was completely fine with that. I just told him to make sure that this refund got put through.

Fast forward two weeks, the refund hasn't been processed. I call again and speak with another agent who informs me that the refund would be placed within 21 days. I wasn't informed of this policy at the beginning but after being told that was how their system worked with the airline, I let it go and resigned myself to waiting. Before I hung up, I confirmed with the agent that the refund had indeed been registered on that end.

After 30 days were up, I called again because the refund had not gone through. I spoke with an agent who said that I should just wait for the refund. Being an ***, I did.

About a week later, I started calling EVAAir to see whether they ever received the refund request from CheapTickets. They hadn't and could not find any records aside from the fact that my ticket was left "open". The most recent representative I spoke with mentioned that they still had not received any word from the travel agency to do any processing on their end.

It has now been almost two months after this entire ordeal. I called Cheaptickets this evening and after waiting on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, I reached several agents who just kept transferring me over to the next. (One agent even asked if I wanted to use "credit" to get another flight -- I really wish that was some sort of sick joke). I FINALLY got a girl on the phone (Macy) who tried to assist. But when I gave her my information, she let me know that she could not find anything and that my ticket was marked as "open". She then asked me whether I had checked my credit card statement to see whether the refund had magically appeared (why would I have called in if I hadn't already done this?!) Additionally, this poor agent could barely speak English and could not even repeat my telephone number back to me properly. I don't want to discriminate (English being my second language as well) but how on earth could you even TRY to resolve an issue if you don't actually understand what is going on? Incredible, really.

After finally refusing to let Macy to continue to speak over me repeatedly with some awfully scripted dialogue, I had her check her records again. She did and lo and behold, she finally found that a refund request. She told me to call the airline to check the status of my refund and once I told her that I had already done that (multiple times), she stopped speaking for a while until she found another script that she could throw at me in which she tried to repeatedly tell me that there was no way that she or any of her other colleagues could follow up with me regarding this issue. In fact, she told me that I needed to call again tomorrow. (And what? Go through the exact same process again? You have to be kidding me.)

At this point, I pressed her to speak with a manager. After another few minutes on hold, I finally got connected to someone claiming to be a manager. She asked me for the exact dates of when I called (I almost threw my phone out of the window at this point) and then spent another 15 minutes "reading through all the information". She told me that she could not find any answers. (At this point, I was not even surprised).

Frustrated, I let her know that I needed some sort of resolution and she let me know that she had put my case through to their "refunds" team for review. I had to tell her that I needed some form of follow-up on their end in whatever mode of communication she could handle. She told me to expect an email within 48 hours.

Quite frankly, I know that I'm going to be on the phone with CheapTickets again in another two days trying to get these guys to get their act together. Obviously, I'd rather not be (total time: 56 minutes) but I want to make sure that you know NEVER to use this company.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Cheaptickets. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Cheaptickets to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was customer service, agents cannot get things together, lack of regard for customer and no organization or follow through. Author liked the most easy to book. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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